Hello, Weather from Andrea Polli on Vimeo.

Hello, Weather! attempts to de-mystify the collection and use of weather and climate data by bringing artists, technologists, ecologists and environmentalists together around public weather stations.

Five Professional Weather stations are currently in operation around the world as part of this project, one at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York City, one at Debs Park Audubon Center in Los Angeles, one at the Blast Theory residency site in Brighton, one at Khoj International Art Center in New Delhi and one at the Media Center of the HDK in Zurich.

The stations are wireless and solar powered and transmit data to an indoor receiver that logs the data and uploads it to a computer.Data from all stations is being saved locally for archiving and use in projects. The stations participate in one or more of the following volunteer weather observer projects: Weather Underground, Anything Weather and The Cooperative Weather Observer Program (CWOP), providing data that is used in local and national government and commercial forecasts and scientific research.

CWOP provides a site for each station with several comma-delimited tables, rss feeds and graphical representations of the station data at various time scales: daily, weekly and monthly. They also locate the station on a variety of different maps including acme mapper, aprs, findu.com, googlemaps, pdb, teraserver, topographic and topozone.

Weather Underground provides data tables and graphical representations, and also provides a comma-delimited file of data, xml and html objects that can be placed on websites to provide quick access to the data.