Open Source/Open Culture is a graduate/upper level undergraduate course in Studio Art and University Honors that examines contemporary open source, free software and DIY movements through hands-on projects and/or theoretical research.  This class is connected with the university-wide Open Source Learning Community (UNM-OSLC) sponsored by the Office of Support for Effective Teaching.

Open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product’s source materials. Some consider open source a philosophy, others consider it a pragmatic methodology. The open source model includes the concept of concurrent yet different agendas and differing approaches in production, in contrast with more centralized models of development such as those typically used in producing commercial software.  A main principle and practice of open source software development is peer production by bartering and collaboration, with the end-product, source-material, “blueprints” and documentation available at no cost to the public. This is applied in various fields of endeavor, from computing to design to biotechnology. (wikipedia)

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