Balloon Museum’s StarLight

As a collaboration with SEPTET and COSMIAC, SMW updated its most recent installation in Albuquerque to incorporate space related questions into Skylight, revamping the project to Starlight. Similar to its predecessor, Starlight exhibits true or false questions that the public interacts with and is able to view whether they answered correctly in real time via the installation. Thanks to Trenton Small, Eric Geusz as well as COSMIAC, Starlight is able to present new additional questions including visual features such as falling stars and spaceships.

As a result of added members to SMW, Gabrielle Herbosa – a third year level student in the University of New Mexico’s Architecture program designed the flier that presented the debut of Starlight during the Balloon Fiesta in 2015. Inspired by Starlight’s retro video essence including suggestions from her colleagues, she expressed Starlight’s exciting space-themed characteristics with an astronaut overlooking the installation as a beacon of hope from the dilemmas he/she is experiencing. The narrative was inspired by the narratives coming from the covers of retro video games.

The installation is located along the north-facing glass facade of the balloon museum and is open to participants anytime.