SMW presents at UNM’s STEAM-H

This past Saturday, the Social Media Workgroup was invited to present to high school students participating in the University’s  STEAM-H Career Exploration event put on by UNM’s Health and Science Center. The students were engaged all day with different talks from various professionals in the STEAM-H field learning about what it means to be involved with STEAM-H.  SMW’s job was to introduce to students the work we have done with apps, and the potential uses for applications other than gaming or social media. Eric Geusz, Kevin Bott, and Trent Small presented their apps with help from JoDee Chavez, Marisa Gomez and Jared Rendon-Trompak. We focused on the theme of natural disasters, and how a phone, or a network of phones could potentially be used to detect natural disasters in similar ways that scientists do. We showed our app DataGather to the students, and asked how the phones sensors  that DataGather utilizes could  be used to predict or record weather phenomenon. We also showed them our concept for Get Shaded, an app utilizing DataGather to find the most shaded path to your destination.  The team had a fantastic time teaching to the high school student’s and we’d like to thank Teresa Madrid at the Office for Diversity for this great opportunity.