Rain was first presented on the ASUNM 2014 Solar Decathlon House SHADE when located at Mesa Del Sol in Albuquerque, was an array of LED strips animated with a digital ‘rain’ that corresponded to the house’s daily energy
production through solar panels located  on the shade-producing awning.  A portable version of Rain was then produced and presented at the UNM Arts Unexpected and the Taos Paseo Festivals.  In this second iteration of Rain, SMW student researchers created a series of questions related to renewable energy potentials that were texted to audience members’ cell phones.  Answers to the questions were animated  as colored ‘rain’ in real time, with the color corresponding to the accuracy of the response.

Andrea Polli – Design and Project Director, The Social Media Workgroup (SMW)
SMW researchers: Russell Bauer – Design build/installation, exhibit documentation and electronics, Eric Geusz – Programming, graphic design and dialogue, Kevin Bott – Programming, installation and electronics, Jared Rendon -Trompak- Video, photography and installation, Staci Page – Design build/installation, Mesa Del Sol and Arts Unexpected

Sponsored by:
SEPTET – “Sustainable Energy Pathways Through Education and Technology”, NSF Award number CHE-1231046