Balloon Museum Concept Art


To achieve sustainable energy, we must make informed choices among competing policies and technologies.
One societal problem is a general lack of education on the subject of energy, which extends even into the technologically literate members of society. To address this, we have developed and implemented large-scale interactive visualizations which draw immediate public attention (or, require an immediate action) to a local environment’s energy state.

Skylight is an interactive public LED light work on the Albuquerque Anderson-Abruzzo Balloon Museum’s famed Balloon-shaped window featured in conjunction with the 2014 Balloon Fiesta. It responds to visitor’s answers to sky-related trivia via text messaging through an enormous light artwork that interacts with activities on visitors’ smartphones. The light patterns and animations change in real time based on responses to a fun text-message “quiz” about the alternative energy potentials that surround us in the air and sky, like solar, wind, and others.

Andrea Polli – Design and Project Director, The Social Media Workgroup (SMW)
SMW researchers: Russell Bauer – Design build/installation and electronics, Eric Geusz – Programming and dialogue, Kevin Bott – Programming, installation and electronics, Jared Rendon -Trompak- Video, photography and installation, Marisa Gomez- Graphic design

Sponsored by:
SEPTET – “Sustainable Energy Pathways Through Education and Technology”, NSF Award number CHE-1231046