Balloon Museum Concept Art

All of us are pleased to announce Skylight, a large-scale installation for the Albuquerque Balloon Museum, as part of their Playable ART! Starting October 4, our fun and didactic experience for the Balloon Fiesta will be on-site and running.

Skylight is an enormous, interactive LED array on the Balloon Museum’s famed Balloon-shaped window. Similar to our work during Arts Unexpected earlier this year, Skylight reacts to your text messages!

Balloon Museum Concept Art

Our proposal for the Albuquerque Balloon Museum: A large-scale complementary LED array affixed to the ubiquitous balloon-shaped window.

Formally, Skylight is a light-based work which interacts with participants’ phones. The work changes in real time based on responses to a fun back-and-forth text-message game about the alternative energy potentials that surround us in the air and sky– like solar, wind, motion and more.